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Breakthrough Arts specialise in change. As a consequence, we have created techniques and skills specific to change management, emotional intelligence, career change and performance improvement. Whether as an individual or as a whole organisation, we believe that these focus areas are of significance to ensuring successful outcomes.

Why these focus areas?

Everyone now seems to recognise that in the experience economy of today, relationships are at the heart of business success. In business that is, relationships with Customers, Shareholders, Communities and Employees.

In fact, it is people and their ability to perform through effective relationships that differentiate businesses, and therefore they are the greatest assets.

Our coaching and diagnostics focuses on performance and emotional intelligence, improving relationships in every dimension. Hence we offer coaching to individuals, pairs and teams. We also provide consulting services to help whole organisations accelerate change, therefore capitalising more readily on market conditions. Since many organisational changes lead to individual career change, we have also developed competencies in this area.

Change Management itself, can be an incredibly lonely responsibility. Often Change Managers (whether Project Managers, Programme Managers, Change Managers, HR Professionals or Organisational Leaders) have no-one to turn to for advice and guidance. We use coaching techniques to help these change champions directly.

For details of these specialist focus areas, please look at the following:

Change Management

Emotional Intelligence

Career Change

Performance Improvement

If you would like further information or would like to have a dialogue about your needs please contact us. We will be more than pleased to listen and help.